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Liverpool 2015-2016: Juergen Klopp Appoints Late

Liverpool FC made a late decision. Juergen Klopp was drawn when the season had replaced Brendan Rodgers made scrolling.

Author: Graceful Pratama

Early 2015-2016 tinged pessimism from Liverpool fans. It deals with the status of Brendan Rodgers. No thank you, not a fan of judging effect of magi Rodgers is up make Liverpool.

This corresponds with the nicks that come by Liverpool in last season. After a spectacular near-champion in 2013-2014, 2014-2015 season in The Red just to finish in the top six.

The final game of the season also led to disaster because Liverpool lost 1-6 ofStoke.

Shopping early in the season is still not able to lift the spirit of fans. James Milner, Christian Benteke, Nathaniel Clyne until Danny Ings assessed is not the answer to the team if you want to go back to the top.

Liverpool 2015-2016: Juergen Klopp Appoints Late

Only purchase Roberto Firmino seemed appropriate to the style of play for Liverpool. True enough. Liverpool performance as not moving on from last season until Rodgers was sacked in October 2015.

His successor was Juergen Klopp. The positive effects were briefly visible, but Liverpool were strongly inconsistent too.

The inconsistency problem was still visible until the end of the season the team finished in the top eight, down two points from last season.

However, in contrast to the mood at the end of the 2014-2015 season, now an aura of optimism emanated from within the team. Since Klopp came, he changed the mentality of the team from the doubter became the team that had the confidence.

In the era of the Klopp, Si Red mentas in two final: League Cup and Europa League.


A convincing 4-1 victory over Manchester City on November 21, 2015 at Etihad stadium is a signal of what could be done by Liverpool in the era of the Klopp. PhilippeCoutinho difficult halted action in it.


A 0-1 defeat of Manchester United at Anfield (17/1/2016) ensure Liverpool lost to cage-away from United.

Duel at Anfield this oppressive because Liverpool appear dominant and failing to maximize opportunities.


Philippe Coutinho started to show maturity even though we haven't been consistent. At the age of 23, she still can still develop further. This season he made just eightgoals and five assists in the EPL.

Liverpool 2015-2016: Juergen Klopp Appoints Late


Again Liverpool failed to develop the attacker bongsor. After Andy Carroll and Mario Balotelli, the player fails the latest is Christian Benteke.

Purchased at a price of 32.5 million pounds, Benteke mentas just 14 times as a starter. A total of golnya fair, nine, but contributions are generally minimal accounting throughout the season.


In the era of Rodger, Emre Can have no raw position: Centre back, defensive midfielder, central defender.

While Klopp came, Can constitute the ultimate choice as a central midfielder. The award for the best young players Liverpool this season quite so evidence.

"Chelsea have no weaknesses. We are the best team in the Premier League. "

Author: Indra Citra Sena

That's the sentence that boasted of ending smacks mouth ex coach of Chelsea, JoseMourinho, ahead of the opening Premier League 2015-2016 around mid-August.

He looks very confident The Blues would again become champion. The conviction of Mou is probably contagious to the management of the Club.

Chelsea too satisfied with the arrangement of players are already available so impressed the passive transfer of stock in the summer.

Based on site Transfermarkt, Chelsea just issued dana of 64.4 million pounds (around Rp 1.23 trillion).

The money was used to make up for Pedro Rodriguez (Barcelona; 21.4 million), Rahman Baba (Augsburg; 14), Asmir Begovic (Stoke; 8), Kenedy (Fluminense; 6.3), Papy Djilobodji (Nantes; 2.7), Radamel Falcao borrowed plus.

The conceit apparently presents an incredible great pressure to the players, including the Mou.

Liverpool 2015-2016: Juergen Klopp Appoints Late

They panic and start blaming each other each other following a streak of disappointing results throughout the first 10 weeks of this season.

A culprit is thus splits Chelsea Mou, who had been so revered, even deified at Stamford Bridge.

He took turns beating the drums of war with his own servants, ranging from John Terry, Eden Hazard, Cesc Fabregas, to medical staff, Eva Carneiro.

The deterioration in the inside and outside of the field led to the sacking of Like instagram Mou on December 17, 2015. His position was then replaced by Guus Hiddink.

In the hands of Hiddink, the Chelsea dressing room atmosphere is improving gradually. Achievements of the Club of origin area of West London was increasing and slowly away from the relegation zone to finish in 10th position.

Any Chelsea carve out a negative note in the piece of the history of the Premier League. They bore the official title as the worst defending champions, beating the record for Blackburn Rovers.

Blackburn were able to finish the 7th Edition of the 1995-1996 season after alias was champion in 1994-1995.